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About Game

Futana-Pro is a series of porn games designed to immerse you in the deepest and most intimate aspects of your inner sexual world. Futana is designed to help you release your fantasies and enjoy intense interaction with erotic video content.

The game supports a variety of mods to satisfy all your wildest desires. In FutanaPro you will find a variety of themes, including futanari and classic animated sex, so that each player can choose exactly what suits his particular tastes.

Players have access to both online mode and the ability to download the game to their computer or phone. * (App for iPhone or apk for Android)

Stuff you will like

Futana represents many genres of porn games, and here are 4 of the most popular ones

Classic Futa icon

Classic Futa

Traditional futanari porn where dickgirls fuck girls and dickgirls
MILF's Story icon

MILF's Story

Hot moms are ready for anything! Futa MILFs sedused guys for sex
Mistress Futanari Game icon

Mistress want More

Hard BDSM futa - Dominant dickgirl fucks slave-girls and sissy guys
Futa on Male - Famboy's Secret icon

Famboy's Secret

Animation futa on male, where dickgirls fucks cute guys in asses

What makes Futana.Pro a truly unique game is its revolutionary graphics and storyline. Deeply developed sexy characters, breathtaking locations and incredible animation will help you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of lust. Futana's storylines are original and intriguing, adding an element of surprise to your virtual experience.

All updates & future releases

*The process of creating games depends on many factors, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of future works.

Version Release date Genre
V.9.4 (NEW) 05.01.2024 [F-on-Ft] (Futa on Futa)
V.9.2 09.06.2023 [F-on-M] (Futa on Male)
V.9.0 27.02.2023 [F-on-M+Ft]
V.8.0 05.07.2022 [F-on-Ft]
V.7.2 02.04.2022 [F-on-Fm] (Futa on Famale)
V.7.1 13.11.2021 [F-on-Ft+Fm]
V.6.2 14.02.2021 [F-on-Ft]
V.6.0 12.09.2020 [F-on-M]
V.5.0 15.04.2020 [M-on-Ft]
V.4.1 27.12.2019 [F-on-Ft+M]
V.3.2 19.07.2019 [F-on-Ft+Fm]
V.3.0 01.04.2019 [F-on-Fm]
V.2.0 20.02.2019 [F-on-Ft]
V.1.1 07.09.2018 [F-on-Fm]
V.1.0 22.04.2018 [F-on-Fm]
V.0.0.7 (BETA) 07.03.2018 [F-on-M]
Version Future release dates* Genre
V.9.5 July 2024 [F-on-Ft+M] (Two MILFs sedused one Guy)
V.10.1 August 2024 [F-on-Ft] (Two teen dickgirls have sex)
V.11.0 October 2024 [F-on-M] (In the process of creating a script)

Complete privacy ☂

Futana.Pro's service guarantees full confidentiality of your private data. No one will be able to see captured episodes of missions and private chats.

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